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Q1 Why the Windows System is unstable when 768MB memory is installed?

A1 There is a max. 512MB memory can be installed under Win9X and Win Me. It can be treated as OS limitation. Please refers to Microsoft reference: (http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;Q253912).

Q1 Does the 6AIV2T support Cyrix 667MHzCPU?

A1 No, the 6AIV2T support VIA C3 750Mhz and up.

Q1 Does the 6AIV2T support Celeron 533 or 500?

A1 No, The MB did not support Celeron PPGA CPU, It support Intel Coppermine or Tualatin CPU.

Q1 Which is the bios version for my 6AIV2T?

A1 6AIV2T ЎVC or D version -> the latest bios date is 9/26/2001 6AIV2T-E version -> the latest bios date is 3/12/2002 Note: 6AIV2T-E version is no LAN model, the 3/12/2002 bios is for no LAN model using.

Q1 What is the maximum HDD that 6AIV2T support?

A1 6AIV2T can support maximum hard disk up to 120GB. Note: When you install 180G HDD, MB will detect 136G.

Q1 Why I canЎ¦t install Audio driver in WinNT4.0?

A1 1.Please make sure that you have install WinNT service pack 6. 2.Please go to bios setting, change MPS version to 1.1. (Advanced BIOS Features -> MPS Version Control For OS ->1.1).

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