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Q1 Why is my Athlon XP 2000+ CPU detected as 1250M CPU on 7AIA5 mainboards?
A1 Please check the JPX1 is set to 2-3 for FSB 133MHz

Q1 Does 7AIA5 support AMD Barton CPU?
A1 No, 7AIA5 doesnЎ¦t supports it.

Q1 Does 7AIA5 support AGP 8X?
A1 No, it supports AGP 2X and 4X.

Q1 Does 7AIA5 support USB 2.0?
A1 No, it supports USB 1.1

Q1 Can I use ATA133 hard disks on 7AIA5 mainboards?
A1 Yes, but the HDD speed will limit to ATA100.

Q1 Can I install and run Apogee Over clock Utility for 7AIA5?
A1 No, 7AIA5 does not support Apogee OC Utility.

Q1 How can I disable onboard CODEC audio?
A1 Go to Bios setup -> Integrated peripheral -> Onboard device -> AC 97 audio -> Disabled.

Q1 How can I disable onboard Cmedia audio?
A1 Set the jumper cap at JP2 to pin 2-3.

Q1 Which Bios can support new XP1700+ (green surface) ?
A1 Please update the 2/17/2003 bios.

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