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Q1 How can I enable dual-channel DDR memory system?
A1 Please install your memory on DDR1 and DDR3 for dual-channel configuration. The two memory modules have to be same type, speed, and size.

Q1 How do I connect CN24 to Cbox2 Front Panel Audio connector?
A1 First remove the two jumper caps at pin 5-6 and 9-10, then plug the front audio cable into CN24.

Q1 Why do I get “Error get SMbus address” or “overflow error 6” message when running Apogee Over clocking Utility?
A1 Due to chipset’s limitation, 7NJL1 does not support Apogee OC Utility.

Q1 How can I disable onboard audio?
A1 Set the jumper cap at JP8 to pin 2-3.

Q1 Why does DigiDoc System Display show FF under Windows? Does it mean my system has some errors?
A1 No. It is normal to have “FF” after booting to Windows. It means ‘boot successfully’.

Q1 How to show the CPU temperature on the Cbox 2 ?

A1 Please install DigiDoc program and run it under Windows, the Cbox 2 then will show CPU temperature

Q1 Why the Windows System is unstable when 768MB memory is installed?
A1 There is a max. 512MB memory can be installed under Win9X and Win Me. It can be treated as OS limitation. Please refers to Microsoft reference: (http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;Q253912)

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