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Q1 Why the Windows System is unstable when 768MB memory is installed?
A1 There is a max. 512MB memory can be installed under Win9X and Win Me. It can be treated as OS limitation. Please refers to Microsoft reference: (http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;Q253912)

Q1 Does 9BIA support FSB 533 CPU?
A1 No, 9BIA supports only FSB 400.

Q1 Can I use ATA133 hard disks on 9BIA main boards?
A1 Yes, but the hard disk speed will limit to ATA100.

Q1 Does 9BIA support Intel Hyper Threading CPU?
A1 No, it doesnЎ¦t support Hyper Threading CPU.

Q1 Can I install and run Apogee Over clocking Utility for 9BIA?
A1 No, 9BIA does not support Apogee Over clocking Utility.

Q1 How can I disable onboard audio?
A1 Set the jumper cap at JP8 to pin 2-3.

Q1 Does 9BIA support AGP 8X?
A1 No, it supports AGP 2X and 4X.

Q1 Does 9BIA support USB 2.0?
A1 No, it supports USB 1.1

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