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Q1 My MB bios date is 10/01/2002,I download the Bios file “9BJF2b01.exe”, after unzip it the file name became “9bjt0b01.bin”. and I can’t flash the bios by press “ALT + F2” keys. The flash utility tell me “Source Files not Found”. Is this normall?
A1 For 9BJF2, you need the Awdflash Tool to update MB bios.If your MB bios date is 11/01/2002 then you don’t need to update it. The files (9bjt0b01.bin) is for this MB correctly.

Q1 How do I set the on board VGA memory size? In bios I only see Ў§On Chip Frame Buffer Size 8MB or 1MB.
A1 This setting is for pure DOS mode using, you can set 1MB or 8MB to share main memory. In Windows , the Intel 845G chipset use dynamic video memory technology to share with the system memory. The video memory will be 32MB if your system memory is equal or less than 128MB, if your system memory is larger than 128MB, the video memory will be 64MB

Q1 Does 9BJF2 support the DigiDoc software?
A1 No, It supports Apogee V1.44 Over clocking Utility only.

Q1 Does 9BJF2 support DDR333 memory?
A1 Yes. If you use 533MHz FSB CPU and DDR333 SDRAM, the DDR SDRAM can be recognized.

Q1 Can I install old VGA card on the 9BJF2?
A1 The 9BJF2 can only support 1.5V AGP graphic card, please check your old VGA card spec. before install it

Q1 Why the Windows System is unstable when 768MB memory is installed?
A1 There is a max. 512MB memory can be installed under Win9X and Win Me. It can be treated as OS limitation. Please refers to Microsoft reference: (http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;Q253912)

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