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Q1 Why is there no Hyper Threading option in the BIOS?
A1 The Hyper Threading option in Bios will appear only when Hyper Threading CPU (e.g., P4 3.06G or above) is installed. Please make sure you have latest bios (11/01/2002)

Q1 Does 9EJL2 support the DigiDoc software?
A1 No, It supports Apogee V1.44 Over clocking Utility only

Q1 Why I canЎ¦t run memory at DDR333 mode? I am using P4 400Mhz CPU and DDR333 modules.
A1 According to the chipset spec, by using 400Mhz FSB CPU, the memory will run in DDR200/266 mode. You can run in DDR333 mode only by using 533Mhz FSB CPU.

Q1 Can I install old VGA card on the 9EJL2
A1 The 9EJL2 can only support 1.5V AGP graphic card, please check your old VGA card spec. before install it.

Q1 My MB bios date is 9/17/2002, and I download the V2.0 bios file nut it shows “9bjt0b01.bin”. Then I can’t update the V2.0 bios by press “ALT + F2” keys, the flash utility shown “Source Files not Found”
A1 For 9EJL2 Bios update, you need to use the Awdflash tool.
If your MB Bios is 11/01/2002 then you don’t need to update it. The file “9bjt0b01.bin” is for 9EJL2 correctly.

Q1 Why the system did not boot after flashing new BIOS?
A1 This will happen when you flashed the wrong BIOS or the updating process is not completed cause by some other reasons. You may try to clear the CMOS. If the problem still persists, you would need a new BIOS chip by contact Chaintech office or Distributor near you for the service

Q1 Why the Windows System is unstable when 768MB memory is installed?
A1 There is a max. 512MB memory can be installed under Win9X and Win Me. It can be treated as OS limitation. Please refers to Microsoft reference: (http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;Q253912)

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